ZX Spectrum Upper RAM Module:

This module can be used to replace the eight 4532 (or equivalent) ICs that form the upper 32 kilobytes of RAM in a 48K ZX Spectrum computer or to upgrade a 16K ZX Spectrum to a 48K model. The ZX Spectrum must be an issue 2 or later.

The upper RAM support ICs IC23, IC24, IC25 and IC26 must be present and functioning. It will probably be necessary to fit these in addition to this module when upgrading a 16K Spectrum to a 48K model.

Click here for the installation instructions.


The upper RAM module costs the same as the lower RAM replacement module. Please purchase at the lower RAM replacement module page and send a message indicating that you want the upper RAM module instead. Orders for the two module types can be combined. Simply send clear instructions about how many of each you want. Orders without any instructions will be assumed to be for the lower RAM replacement module.