News & Important Notes:

If you have a 48K (or 16K) ZX Spectrum that you aren't certain is in working order, watch this video BEFORE you switch it on.

A 16K internal RAM module for ZX81 computers can be bought here.

Information about two circuits that can be used to improve the video output of ZX81 computers has been added to the Miscellaneous Projects page.

A number of other video presentations pertaining to Sinclair computers can be found here.

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I often have a number of fully refurbished ZX Spectrum computers available to buy. Send me a message below to tell me what you're looking for.


I can sometimes offer a repair service for Sinclair computers and related equipment. I also sometimes undertake repair and servicing of other electronic items, especially audio equipment (domestic and professional). Please send a description of the item you would like to have repaired, below.


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