ZX Spectrum Software:

If you're just getting started with your Spectrum and want to test loading software from a PC or audio player, you might like to try some of the (old and new) games listed below. MP3 and zipped WAV audio files are provided along with a link to more information on the game at the World of Spectrum web site.

Title: MP3: WAV: World of Spectrum link:
Chaos - The Battle of Wizards MP3 WAV WoS
Manic Miner MP3 WAV WoS
Deanysoft Frogger MP3 WAV WoS
Buzzsaw+ MP3 WAV WoS
Space Raiders (will run on 16K Spectrum) MP3 WAV WoS

To load the games, use the correct type of lead to connect your Spectrum's EAR input socket to the audio output of whatever device you will use to play the file, adjust its volume control to 80%-90% of maximum, enter the command LOAD "" on the Spectrum, press Enter and start the audio file playing. The LOAD command is obtained by pressing the Spectrum's J key. It will probably be necessary to experiment with the setting of the volume control in order to achieve reliable loading.

Professional Adventure Writer for the ZX Spectrum +3:

The file in the World of Spectrum archive that is described as the +3 version of this excellent adventure game creation utility is in fact the CP/M version and not that for the +3.

Here is a copy of the +3 version, along with a scan of a leaflet that was supplied with it describing the features specific to the +3 version.


Here is a simple program that can help in the diagnosis of RAM faults in ZX Spectrum computers. It uses a machine language routine to fill an area of memory (either all of upper RAM or a portion of lower RAM) with a sequence of randomly generated values and then reads them back, compares them with the sequence that was written and reports any differences. If there were no differences, it repeats the process until a memory error is detected or until interrupted. An error report consists of a list of up to sixteen memory locations and the expected and read values for each.

The lower RAM test is probably less useful as in most cases a ZX Spectrum will not initialise if the lower RAM is faulty. However, it was trivial to include the ability and so the option is offered. Note that the program runs from the lower RAM and so corruption of the contents of the lower RAM can cause errors to be reported when testing upper RAM.